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Course Booking

If you have completed an application form you can pay for the Fault Finding & Multimeter or Wiring & Controls courses here.

Unfortunately no credit or refunds can be offered for students who fail to turn up to a booked course.


Single course booking £150.00 each

(no VAT)


Both courses booking £250.00 each SAVE £50

(no VAT)


For companies wishing to send more than 8 students at £130.00 each (no VAT), please email for booking dates, conditions and payment.


Wiring & Controls DVD

Four disc set, find out more on the DVDs page.

£40.00 each including P&P (no VAT)

Basic Fault Finding & Multimeter DVD

Two disc set, find out more on the DVDs page.

£40.00 each including P&P (no VAT)

Gas Flue Analyser DVD

Two disc set, find out more on the DVDs page.

£20.00 each including P&P (no VAT)


Get all three DVDs and the Book of Wiring for only £100, saving you £40. We’ll also throw in an Anton Chart!


Book of Wiring

Our new book is an excellent reference for you to use on Danfoss and Honeywell controls.

  • 90 pages of technical info
  • Handy A5 size
  • Full colour diagrams
  • High quality paper
  • Wire bound

Visit the book of wiring page to find out more.

Book of Wiring

£40.00 each including P&P (no VAT)


Anton Chart

After you analyse a boiler you can see and show the customer HOW the appliance is performing and what action to take. RED – shut down, Orange – service, etc. Printed on flexi-plastic so it is totally water resistant. You need this chart!

£2.00 each including P&P (no VAT)


Draper Multimeter

Boilers have lots of components, most can be measured in Ohms such as pumps, fans, gas valves, stats, thermistors and more. You need an easy multimeter to test the different values. This Draper is just right, easy to read with a large display and a back light.

It also comes with a temperature probe, normally only found on expensive meters. Now you can balance rads and set up water temps/flow according to spec. Easy!

We are experiencing supply problems at this time of year, we may substitute for another make and model of equal or better specification.

£65.00 each including P&P (no VAT)


Volt Pen

This Volt Pen is a must for every job, Safety First! It detects 90-1000V(AC) with a buzzer and red light and also has a torch. Powered by an AAA battery (supplied). For non-contact detection of AC voltage at socket outlets, flex and cable.

£10.00 each including P&P (no VAT)


HT Lead Ignition Spark Tester

Use the spark tester to see if the spark generator is working. It fits lots of Baxi, Potterton, Vaillant and many more makes of condensing boilers.

£5.00 each including P&P (no VAT)


Laser Thermometer

This laser thermometer is an easy way to balance rads, check flow & returns all done without getting burnt! Find hot pipes in walls and under concrete floors and will even measure water.

Simple to use – ready to go.

£40.00 each including P&P (no VAT)


Pressure Gauge

We have a problem with the expansion vessel, it rises too much from 1.2 to 3bar. The gauge on a foot pump is not accurate enough so this slim tyre gauge comes in very handy. It is angled at 135° to get into most places to test the Schroeder valve. Display in PSI.

£10.00 each including P&P (no VAT)