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Fault Finding with Multimeter – £4.99

You can now watch our fantastic Fault Finding, Testing & Multimeters DVD on your iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

There are 21 Chapters showing you all about multimeters, how to carry out the electrical safety tests in full, how to test stats, fans, sensors and pumps, about diverter valves, expansion vessels and the sequence of operation. Learn at your own pace.

Suitable for new entrants, those moving from installing to repairs and existing breakdown engineers.

  1. Testing Equipment
  2. Multimeter Settings
  3. Electrical Safety Tests
  4. Earth Continuity Test
  5. Short Circuit Test
  6. Resistance to Earth Test
  7. Polarity Test
  8. Fault Isolation Procedure
  9. Sequence of Operation
  10. Pumps
  11. Testing Switches
  12. Water Pressure Switches
  13. Flow Switches
  14. Air Pressure Switches
  15. Fans
  16. Stats & Sensors
  17. Diverter Valves
  18. Domestic Heat Exchangers
  19. Expansion Vessels
  20. Water Hammer
  21. Airing Cupboards

You can see a preview of the videos contained in this app in our Shop.

Wiring & Controls – £4.99

Our Wiring & Controls app will help you master two and three-port controls by helping you to understand how they work and how to wire them up correctly. You’ll also learn how to fully test the system and some fault finding techniques, giving you the confidence you need when you’re at a customer’s house.

If you want to improve your skills installing or fault finding on Danfoss & Honeywell heating controls, this is the app for you!

The app contains 19 chapters with 73 minutes of all new content.

  1. Introduction to Systems
  2. System Overview – Two-Port
  3. System Overview – Three-Port
  4. Tools & Testing Equipment
  5. Programmers
  6. Room Stats
  7. Cylinder Stats
  8. Two-Port Valves
  9. Three-Port Valves
  10. Wiring Centres
  11. Sequence of Wiring – Two-Port
  12. Sequence of Wiring – Three-Port
  13. Wireless Controls
  14. System Testing – Two-Port
  15. System Testing – Three-Port
  16. Fault Finding – Two-Port
  17. Fault Finding – Three-Port
  18. Frost Protection
  19. Automatic Bypass Valves

You can see a preview of the videos contained in this app in our Shop.

Wiring & Controls – Diagrams – £4.99

With special permission from Danfoss and Honeywell, we took their wiring diagrams and turned them into fantastic coloured wiring diagrams which are much easier to follow. We’ve been using these diagrams on our training course for over two years and everyone agrees that they’re essential for wiring up controls on two and three port installations.

  • Colour diagrams for Danfoss and Honeywell systems
  • 2 and 3 port systems
  • Fully Wired diagrams – Shows every wire in the control circuit
  • Live Wire diagrams – The earth and neutral wire have been removed for clarity
  • Schematic diagrams – A simplified version of the circuit
  • Stats diagrams – Only the thermostat circuit is shown
  • Danfoss and Honeywell wiring centre schematics
  • Frost protection diagrams
  • Fault finding charts for Danfoss systems

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