If you are a homeowner or a landlord or anyone who has central heating and needs independent advice your choice is very limited. I stared installing boilers in 1970 and quickly realised there were no breakdown / fault finding engineers. Then only a few boiler manufactures provided courses that gave me the knowledge and confidence to change careers.

We started a YouTube channel so anyone could get good advice on how to get the best out of the central heating, save money and prolog the system in a test to follow way
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                                                  Hints & Tips

To find an engineer you can trust go to the boiler web site enter your Post Code find a local hero

Before entry see and check the Gas Safe I.D Tel: 0800 408 5500 avoid criminals / ripoffs: no I.D. no entry

Do NOT haggle a lower price, they have invested a lot of time and money to be factory approved you need them
they don’t need bad payers.

If they are late, relax, the last job was a challenge, traffic, distance from the last job and weather all cause delays and problems.

Often we get calls “Just a service” and that should fix it! in fact it well broken causes delays for the next job
On arrival offer a drink and biscuits
Clear a space around the boiler BEFORE arrival
Have the boiler manual there
All boilers have a guarantee from 2 to 12 years, its YOUR place to call a Gas Safe registered engineer
EVER YEAR a Gas Safe Registered engineer HAS to check the system for SAFETY, its NOT a service, the cost in 2024 is from £100 this has to happen for the guarantee, miss it may be cancelled.
Pay extra for a water quality inhibitor test, its part of your guarantee that could be cancelled
Pay extra to check the airing cupboard
Pay extra to check the loft, (NO steps only a fixed loft ladder) check pipes, lagging etc. Get photos.
Beware! Motorised valves should NOT be repaired replace the unit(s)
Don’t buy recon PCB (old technology old stock) insist on the latest version.
Don’t hover or talk too much they are concentrating.
Pay on the day cash or card or you may not see them again.

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