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Mr Combi has produced two training DVDs to help you get the most out of your multimeter. They are designed to teach you both the basics and more in depth procedures. You can play them over and over, in the comfort of your home, to ensure you learn as much as possible from Mr Combi’s wealth of knowledge and experience.

We have also created two books which will help you find the information you need when working at a customer’s house.

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Course Booking

If you have completed an application form you can pay for the Fault Finding & Multimeters or Wiring & Controls courses here.

Unfortunately no credit or refunds can be offered for students who fail to turn up to a booked course.

Please note, if you book both our courses together you do not need to attend them both on consecutive days.

Fault Finding & Multimeters course £240.00 (no VAT)

Wiring & Controls course £240.00 (no VAT)

Both courses booking £400.00 (no VAT)

Fault Finding, Testing & Multimeters DVD – Two Disc Set

Our new DVD has 21 Chapters showing you all about multimeters, how to carry out the electrical safety tests in full, how to test stats, fans, sensors and pumps, about diverter valves, expansion vessels, the sequence of operation and more. Learn at your own pace.

Suitable for new entrants, those moving from installing to repairs and existing breakdown engineers.

DVD Chapters:

  1. Testing Equipment
  2. Multimeter Settings
  3. Electrical Safety Tests
  4. Earth Continuity Test
  5. Short Circuit Test
  6. Resistance to Earth Test
  7. Polarity Test
  8. Fault Isolation Procedure
  9. Sequence of Operation
  10. Pumps
  11. Testing Switches
  12. Water Pressure Switches
  13. Flow Switches
  14. Air Pressure Switches
  15. Fans
  16. Stats & Sensors
  17. Diverter Valves
  18. Domestic Heat Exchangers
  19. Expansion Vessels
  20. Water Hammer
  21. Airing Cupboards

The accompanying white DVD has 100s of boiler manufactures manuals, articles on fault-finding, course notes part numbers, exploded diagrams, parts price list, lots of information for you to refer to. Most in PDF format so are easy to read and print.

£30.00 £10.00 each including P&P (no VAT)

This DVD is also available as an app, see the Apps page for more information.

Wiring & Controls DVD – Four Disc Set

Our Wiring & Controls DVD will help you master two and three-port controls by helping you to understand how they work and how to wire them up correctly. You’ll also learn how to fully test the system and some fault finding techniques, giving you the confidence you need when you’re at a customer’s house.

The DVD contains 19 chapters with 73 minutes of all new content.

  1. Introduction to Systems
  2. System Overview – Two-Port
  3. System Overview – Three-Port
  4. Tools & Testing Equipment
  5. Programmers
  6. Room Stats
  7. Cylinder Stats
  8. Two-Port Valves
  9. Three-Port Valves
  10. Wiring Centres
  11. Sequence of Wiring – Two-Port
  12. Sequence of Wiring – Three-Port
  13. Wireless Controls
  14. System Testing – Two-Port
  15. System Testing – Three-Port
  16. Fault Finding – Two-Port
  17. Fault Finding – Three-Port
  18. Frost Protection
  19. Automatic Bypass Valves

With the DVD also comes three useful extra discs including the full Danfoss wiring course PowerPoint presentation, the full Honeywell course in PDF and a disc full of boiler manuals and other information in PDF format.

£30.00 £10.00 each including P&P (no VAT)

This DVD is also available as an app, see the Apps page for more information.

Central Heating Wiring & Controls Book

For many years electricians and heating engineers have commented that wiring heating controls is a difficult subject to learn. They want to be able to wire up and test these circuits with confidence but the existing diagrams are not always easy to follow.

Following the example of the London Tube Map, we’ve developed a fantastic new set of coloured wiring diagrams for Danfoss and Honeywell controls.

In our Central Heating Wiring & Controls book you’ll find a vast array of information and diagrams, including:

  • Four part Electrical Safety Tests
  • Danfoss
  • Honeywell
  • Drayton – NEST – Hive
  • Frost Protection
  • Schematics
  • Fault Finding Charts
  • SMART Controls
  • Programmer wiring
  • Checking components
  • Over 100 pages of technical info
  • Handy A5 size and wire bound
  • Full colour diagrams
  • High quality paper

Our very popular book is an excellent reference for you to use on central heating wiring.

The book is available in A5 size.

£25.00 each including P&P (no VAT)

Central Heating Fault Finding*

Our latest book is jam packed with fault finding methods.

Do you ever get to a customer’s house, the boiler is dead, blows fuses, cuts out, noisy, poor circulation and no servicing manual? With our book you won’t need it, you should find the problem.

  • Factory flow charts, pressure loss, fault isolation, easy diagnostics
  • Faults with expansion vessels, pumps, by-pass all are explained
  • Full sized A5
  • Wire bound

*Refunds will not be made because of errors or omissions, content is supplied by manufactures in good faith. Please email us of errors / omissions.

Central Heating Fault Finding Book

The book is available in A5 size.

£25.00 each including P&P (no VAT)

Central Heating Boiler Fault Codes*

Our latest book is jam packed with fault codes for the most popular boilers and manufacturers in the UK.

Do you ever get to a customer’s house, their boiler is showing a fault code and there’s no servicing manual in sight? With our book you won’t need to hunt for the manual, you can quickly find the cause of the error and get cracking with fixing the problem.

  • Around 100 boiler models from 17 manufacturers
  • Fault code tables
  • Full sized A4
  • Wire bound

*Refunds will not be made because of errors or omissions, content is supplied by manufactures in good faith. Please email us of errors / omissions.

£25.00 each including P&P (no VAT)

CO/CO2 Chart

The printout will have 4 lines: 02, CO, CO2, Ratio. The CO2 is important because it’s shows HOW good or bad the boiler is performing.

First read the M.I. to see what it should be. White good, Orange call the manufacture for guidance, RED shut down ID. Printed on Flexi-plastic with easy to follow instructions, show the customer how their boiler is performing.

£4.00 each including P&P (no VAT)

Extech EX330 Multimeter

This Extech auto ranging digital multimeter has 12 functions, 0.5% basic accuracy and measures AC/DC voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, temperature, duty cycle, and diode/continuity with a buzzer.

  • Built-in non-contact AC voltage detector (NCV) with red LED indicator and audible beeper
  • Large-digit 4,000 count LCD display
  • Max hold, data hold, relative hold
  • Auto power off
  • Type K temperature measurements
  • Water probe and balancing rads and flow / return pipes
  • Hz % setting

£60.00 each including P&P (no VAT)

TPI 126 Multimeter

This TPI auto ranging digital multimeter has multiple functions and measures AC/DC voltage, current, resistance and diode/continuity with a buzzer.

  • REC: Records Min/Max readings during specified measurement intervals.
  • AC/DC: Toggles between AC/DC volts and Amps.
  • Range: Allows the user to manually range the 126 instead of autoranging.
  • Data Hold: Holds the reading on the display for easy viewing.
  • Auto Off: Preserves battery life.
  • Batteries included
  • Comes with a free pen and car air freshener

£60.00 each including P&P (no VAT)