Wiring & Controls Course

Our wiring course will help you understand the problems of wiring boilers and zone valves.

Danfoss & Honeywell have given us special permission to provide you with technical support not normally available. We have spent over two years with both companies’ amazing support to find a way to bring you two courses on one day.

What you’ll learn

We’ve developed this course to be a one-stop-shop for all central heating controls. We spend the morning covering the topics listed below and then you have all afternoon to practise what you’ve learned on our training rigs.

Here are some of the things you will learn about on the course:

  • 2 and 3 port systems: The differences, where they’re used and which regulations apply.
  • Zone Valves can have orange, white, brown and grey wires, confused? You will understand and learn which wire goes where and why.
  • Sequence of Wiring: Most installers and electricians don’t know there is one, perhaps that’s why so many mistakes are made.
  • Fault Finding: Flow charts for faults, testing room/cylinder stats with and without voltage using your multimeter, our easy to follow diagrams will show what’s wrong.
  • Frost Protection: Often missing on installations, understand their importance.
  • S.I. Programmers: Learn when, why and how to use them (they make money).
  • You’ll also get loads of tips along the way.

We have over a dozen rigs for you to wire up, test and practise fault finding on. When you leave us after a busy day you’ll be armed with the knowledge and confidence to tackle more complex jobs and will look at wiring in a whole new way.

Smart Controls

We recently updated the course to add a whole load about Smart Controls:

  • How Smart Controls can help satisfy the Boiler Plus requirements and save the customer money (making you look good).
  • The different types of Smart Control and their benefits.
  • The huge set of features which can be added or improved by making a heating system Smart, such as location based control.
  • Which technologies are used to allow Smart Controls to communicate with each other and over the internet.
  • Integration platforms which make Smart systems even smarter by adding things like voice control (tech savvy customers will love this!).

Course notes

The course is fully supported by our excellent course notes for you to take with you and remind yourself of what you learned during the day and the main diagrams you’ll need .

We’ve employed a graphic designer to help us to change the standard black and white schematic drawings into beautiful colour, this makes them so easy to follow just like the London underground map.

How to book a course

If you’d like to book a place on the course, please fill out an application form today.

Save money

You can save money by booking both our courses at the same time. Take a look at the Fault Finding & Multimeters course to see how you can take your career even further!

Get the accompanying DVD or App

This course is backed up by our Wiring & Controls DVD so you can learn at home at your own pace. You can also buy the videos as an app for Android and iOS devices and stream them on the move.